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libertines & strokes

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2nd October 2006

nialish4:52pm: Multi-fandom Post:

x The Strokes
x Dirty Pretty Things
x Arctic Monkeys
x The Kooks
x The Libertines
x The Killers

x Fashion
x Stock Pictures
x The OC
x Harry Potter

x Adam Brody
x Rachel Bilson
x Mischa Barton
x Scarlett Johansson
x Liv Tyler
x Keira Knightley
x Kate Hudson
x Alexis Bledel


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You can find the rest HERE

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20th December 2005

vkxonline4:26pm: Custom Libertines / Google Homepage


You can customize all the links and make it your homepage. If you need help or just don't get it, there's also an FAQ.

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23rd April 2005

norman_talks1:48pm: Hey ya,

Carl Batat named only one band as best new comers in 2004 and that band was Sydney rockers The Cops. The Cops are definetly one of, if not THE best, live original band in Australia at the moment. They toured with the Libertines last August in Australia, which obviously led to Carl Barat's comment on this great band. Come and join my Cops community, and be some of the first to be a fan of this up and coming band!! http://www.livejournal.com/community/the_cops

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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18th April 2005

_mrs_bloom_7:58pm: CARL BARAT and PETE DOHERTY have reunited this evening (April 18) for the first time in almost a year.

The estranged Libertines were spotted together in a North London pub at around 11:30pm tonight and despite the events of the past year, an eyewitness present told NME.COM that the meeting was friendly and enthusiastic on both men’s part.

The reunion occurred when Barat arrived at the London venue at 10pm and was told there was a strong possibility that his former bandmate would also be visiting the pub that evening.

Having learnt of the possible reunion, Barat became philosophical and told those around him that “it might as well happen now, because it’s going to happen sometime”.

It finally did happened at 11.30pm when Doherty arrived at the bar. Both Libertines seemed nervous at first, but greeted each other with a hug and began talking together on a leather sofa.

After several minutes of chatting the pair then hugged again, this time with more affection, and then amusingly started to compliment each other on their clothes. This ended with Barat and Doherty jokingly showing off their jacket labels to one another.

The meeting this evening is the first time the two Libertines have seen each other, let alone talked, since the opening night of Barat’s London club Dirty Pretty Things on June 8 last year, nearly ten months ago.

That night The Libertines played a gig together before Doherty began his aborted detox treatment at a Thai monastery.

For more news on Barat and Doherty’s reunion, stay tuned to NME.COM.

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16th April 2005

_mrs_bloom_7:19pm: Bases...
Whatever It Is, That Girl Put A Spell On MeCollapse )
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13th February 2005

_mrs_bloom_2:35pm: I have Peter Doherty and Carl Barat graphics!
What became of the Likely Lads?Collapse )
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